Your Windows registry is one of the most important parts of the entire operating system. This is because it is the place that stores all the vital operating information that your PC need to work properly. Every time you download and install a new program or uninstall one because you don’t need it any longer, this information is stored as entries in your registry.

Over a long period of time, there ends up being a lot of data in the registry that is just not needed any more. So you should use free registry repair software to clean your registry and delete these files.

Every time you open up a program or do basically anything on your PC, the operating system looks towards the registry for entries about the programs you are using. So it is relatively safe to say that when errors occur that they are almost certainly coming from the registry. The majority of these errors are quite simple to fix and the free registry repair software will do that for you automatically.

Most errors are either missing files, shortcuts which have been deleted, corrupted files and these cause the error boxes to appear or for programs to not load correctly. They also make your machine become very slow to operate and to boot up.

By cleaning your registry it will just remove the files that are causing the problems and in turn, fix the errors and make your PC a lot faster than it is now. Lets face it, who wouldn’t want a faster machine that doesn’t constantly throw up error boxes? I think we all know the answer to that one!