p>Does your computer really frustrate you at times? Have you ever spent ages writing an important document only for your machine to freeze before you have saved it? Sometimes you look for the nearest thing to throw at it, don’t you! Well, if this is happening more frequently to you, then maybe you have problems that you can fix yourself, even without asking for help. A free registry cleaner for XP for instance can help you to clean your PC if you are running Windows XP operating system.

If you are running another version of Windows, ME or Vista, then there are registry cleaners compatible to those too. Just do a quick search online and it shouldn’t take you too long to find them.

Most PC errors occur to machines that are starting to get old or that have been used very often since they were new. Most of these errors are to do with the registry on the machine, which becomes clogged with files and keys. This causes it to get confused and also for it to become slower because there are more files to look through.

To solve this issue, a free registry cleaner for XP can do the job for you. There are various free cleaners you can use, Registry Fix, RegCure to name but a couple. They both do a very good job and are two of the most popular ones you can use. Others may charge you a small fee to use but if they help your machine to be error free, then surely it is worth it isn’t it?