There is no doubt about it and most people will agree that having a slow computer can just be so annoying. Things start happening like constant freezing, crashing for no reason and error boxes popping up all the time. But did you know that most of the time these errors are caused by your computer registry? Do you even know what the computer registry is? Did you know that you can fix these errors with free registry repair software?

OK, enough questions! Let’s look at the computer registry in more detail.

Just think of your computer registry as a database of information. It contains certain “keys” and “entries” and each of these holds a certain amount of information. This information is crucial to running your machine as they hold important details such as passwords, hardware and software configuration details.

The reason that errors start appearing is because over the course of several years, your registry will become quite full of all these bits of information, many of which is simply erroneous and not needed by your machine anymore. So errors appear because your system memory becomes full and also when programs look for files which are corrupt or have been moved in the registry.

So what can you do?

You can use free registry repair software to cleanup your registry. There are many that you can download for free and scan your computer’s registry. They find files and pieces of data that can be removed and they remove them. This help to solve and fix errors and also free up disk space for you.

The whole process can be completed in just a few minutes on a normal PC but if you haven’t cleaned your registry, then it may take a little longer. Just be patient while the registry tool is working because once it is finished you will have a PC that works just how it did when you bought it!